Credits For Previous Training

Applicants who have been accepted at the Institution and who have taken courses at other accredited Institutions and/or who have special qualifications or developed skills may apply for a credit transfer. Credit(s) may be accepted and/or granted toward the student’s academic program. A maximum of 50% of the courses required for the program will be accepted as transferred credits. Official transcripts must be received prior to the start date of class. If the transcripts are not in English, then they must be translated by an approved credentialing agency. Transferred credits will only be accepted for courses that match the content to a course offered in the student’s program. No credits will be granted for academic courses that have received a grade lower than a “C”. For academic courses that have received a grade of “C” or greater, the transferring of credit(s) will be subject to the approval of the Director of the Institute or designee and will be based on the equivalency with the course associated with the student’s academic program.


VA students must report all education and training. The school must evaluate and grant credit, if appropriate, with the training time shortened, the tuition reduced proportionately, and the VA and student notified.

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