Trial Enrollment Period Policy

A person who enrolls in the school will be offered the opportunity to attend any program of choice for a short period of time (maximum of three weeks) without incurring a financial obligation beyond the application fee.

The school will ensure that students have the necessary books and materials needed to succeed during the trial period. This trial period of three weeks from the commencement of a start date can play a valuable role by allowing a student to attend class for a brief period before deciding to continue attending their educational program as a regular student.

Students that continue attending class beyond the trial period are considered regular students and conditionally accepted into their selected program of study. Such students may not apply for federal financial aid until all required documentation and information is submitted. The student must finalize the admission process within three weeks from the commencement of class.

A student who officially or unofficially withdraws from the school prior to completing one week of scheduled classes after the official start date of the program will be considered a NO-SHOW. In such event, no credits will be earned and their tuition obligation and cost of course materials will be waived.

In any event, a student still attending school after completing three weeks of scheduled classes after the official start date of the program and signs the official enrollment agreement is deemed to have confirmed their intention to continue the program as a regular student and thus will be classified as such.

Any student who wishes to apply for federal financial aid after becoming a regular student must meet the student eligibility criteria as provided in the federal regulations. If the student qualifies for federal financial aid, the federal aid will apply from the beginning of the enrollment period, which includes the trial period (three weeks from the commencement of classes), as applicable.

Please note that the Trial Enrollment Period policy is not applicable to reentry or 2nd and/or subsequent academic year continuing students.

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