Journeyman Air Conditioning Exam Preparation

This course is designed to prepare students for the journeyman air conditioning examination by explaining general mechanical concepts, equations, maintenance regulations and the Florida Building Code.
Course Description  
This preparation course will cover a review of the main topics for the journeyman air conditioning exam. Topics of discussion includes refrigeration, ductworks, pipe systems, codes, filters and related content, as well as several practice tests for training purposes.
Participant must have at least three years of field experience in the trade or education equivalent or a combination of the two, but not more than one-half consisting of education equivalent. Seminar assumes that the student has a basic understanding of mechanical theory and trade knowledge.
Tuition Cost  
40 CO/HR (10 Saturdays)

Class Time  
8:30AM – 12:30PM
Start Date  
March 31, 2018
Hialeah-Satellite Campus
Subject Course Topics CO/HR
JML 1 General Knowledge 5
JML2 Piping 6
JML 3 Systems & Sizing 8
JML 4 Equipment 8
JML 5 Maintenance 7
JML 6 Plan Reading 6
Course Description Details  

Books required for class

  1. Florida Building Code 2014 — Energy Conservation, Available at (ISBN: 5681L14)
  2. Florida Building Code 2014 — Building, Available at (ISBN: 5601L14)
  3. Florida Building Code 2014 — Mechanical, Available at (ISBN: 5631L14)
  4. HVAC Basics for Contractors, 2nd Ed. Available at (ISBN: 978-1-269-23865-6)
  5. Advanced Mechanical Study Guide, Available at (ISBN: 978-1-269-09518-1)
  6. Intermediate Mechanical Study Guide. Available at (ISBN: 978-1-269-09524-2)
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