Continuing Education Courses

Welcome to the Department of Continuing Education at South Florida Institute of Technology. We offer various non-credit continuing education courses not offered in traditional educational programs for individuals that seek to upgrade skills or expand their knowledge base in the fields of construction, allied health, and computers. The Department’s mission is to provide workforce development training courses and lifelong learning opportunities that are innovative, flexible and responsive to the needs of the diverse communities we serve. Whether you're a working adult or a lifelong learner, South Florida Institute of Technology can help in professional development, test preparation, or certification.

This course is designed to provide the students with the skills and knowledge necessary to install, change, maintain and repair computer components and softwares.

20 Clock Hours (5 Saturdays)

This course is designed to prepare students for the journeyman air conditioning examination by explaining general mechanical concepts, equations, maintenance regulations and the Florida Building Code.

40 CO/HR (10 Saturdays)

Facilitate effective training, review the essential mathematics formulas and National Electrical Code topics needed to successfully pass a journeyman electrician certification examination.

32 CO/HR (8 Saturdays)

This course is designed to prepare students for the journeyman plumber examination by explaining general plumbing knowledge and concepts, the Florida Building Code, installation, repair, and maintenance of plumbing systems.

48 Clock Hours (12 Saturdays)

This intensive course prepares students for the certification exam which is necessary to become a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in the State of Florida. . The course focuses on the theory and the 22 practical skills that are part of the written and clinical skills test. It will also cover the importance of standard procedures, ethical standards, legal limitations, and medical abbreviations frequently used on the daily work.

24 Clock Hours (6 Saturdays)

This course is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work efficiently with QuickBooks in different professional settings.

20 Clock Hours (5 Saturdays)
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