Journeyman Electrician Exam Preparation

Facilitate effective training, review the essential mathematics formulas and National Electrical Code topics needed to successfully pass a journeyman electrician certification examination.
Course Description  
A variety of theoretical and applied concepts will be covered in the course with the overarching intent of journeyman electrician certification preparation. Each class will devote a significant portion of time covering the National Electrical Code.
Participant must have at least three years of field experience in the trade or education equivalent or a combination of the two, but not more than one-half consisting of education equivalent. Student must have a basic understanding of electrical theory and trade knowledge.
Tuition Cost  
32 CO/HR (8 Saturdays)

Class Time  
8:30am - 12:30pm
Start Date  
February 24, 2018
Miami Campus
Subject Course Topics CO/HR
JEL 1 General Electrical Theory & Principles 3.2
JEL 2 Plan Reading 3.2
JEL 3 Wiring & Protection 3.2
JEL 4 Wiring Methods & Materials 3.2
JEL 5 Motors & Controls 3.2
JEL 6 Equipment for General Use 3.2
JEL 7 Special Occupancies 3.2
JEL 8 Special Equipment 3.2
JEL 9 Special Conditions 3.2
JEL 10 Communication Systems 3.2
Course Description Details  

Books required for class

  1. Mike Holt's Illustrated Guide to Electrical Exam Preparation based on NEC 2014: Available at South Florida Institute of Technology
  2. National Electrical Code 2014 (Code Book): Available at South Florida Institute of Technology
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