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South Florida Institute of Technology is the perfect solution for those people who want to achieve more with their lives through education and training.

Remember that it is never too late to improve your education and to set new goals for yourself, no matter in what stage of life you are right now. South Florida Institute of Technology’s students come from everywhere. Some are changing their careers, or just arrived from foreign countries; others have just finished high school, and many of them just want to get more skills for the careers they just have. We have even seen parents and their children attending our schools together!

South Florida Institute of Technology's goal is to support the student’s challenges and needs. We provide the education, training, and supportive services that our students require to stay in school and succeed. Likewise, since we know that students need to fulfill other aspects of their life too, our school has developed flexible class schedules that meet students’ busy schedules. Besides, most of our programs are taught one class at a time in order to let students really focus on learning the material.


South Florida Institute of Technology Inc. (the "School") was founded in October of 1997. At its commencement, the School offered Computer Business Application and Computer Graphic Design. It was originally located in a small facility at 2141 SW 1st Street, Ste. # 104, Miami, FL 33135. In July 2005, the School relocated to a larger facility at 720 NW 27th Ave. 2nd Floor, Miami, FL 33125 and added the Medical Assistant, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Repair Technician, and Electrical Construction Technician programs. In July 2008 the School added the Plumbing Technology Program. The School was accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) in February 2002 and its re-accreditation for five years on august 2006. The School added its Satellite (additional location) on January 2008 and it was accredited by the same agency (ACCSC) in February 15, 2008.

Throughout its history, South Florida Institute of Technology has been characterized by innovation and experimentation. Since October of 1997, the School has embraced new disciplines and new ways of teaching, and remains committed to self-evaluation and improvement as it continues to strive to be one of the best educational facilities in the country.


South Florida Institute of Technology is supported by two locations, both of them in Miami, Florida. The Main school is located in the Miami cosmopolitan area near downtown and the other location is on 49th street in the City of Hialeah. Both schools are near main roads and highways in the area and are close to public transportation. Moreover, we have enough parking at both locations as well.

Main School

South Florida Institute of Technology

South Florida Institute of Technology

720 NW 27 Ave. 2nd Floor
Miami, FL 33125
PH: (305) 649-2050
Fax: (786) 621- 4012

License No. 2003
School No. M070460

Satellite Location

South Florida Institute of Technology

South Florida Institute of Technology

1275 W 47 PL Ste 201
Hialeah, FL 33012
PH: (305) 820-8993
Fax: (305) 820- 8755

License No. 3637
School No. S460202
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