Students must behave in a manner that will enable the school to recommend them to prospective employers as courteous, considerate and well-mannered individuals.

They must adhere to conduct that will not interfere with the learning process of the class in general. Entering the school or classrooms while under the influence of alcohol, unlawful drugs or narcotics of any kind are grounds for dismissal.

Smoking, eating, drinking (soda, coffee, etc.,) is not allowed in any of the classrooms or labs.
Students will be responsible for all property destroyed or damaged, with or without intent when the student behavior is considered to be negligent.

Intentional defacing or destruction of school property by any student will result in immediate dismissal.

Students are required to keep their work areas clean and in an orderly manner. They must return all equipment and supplies to their proper storage area before they leave their classroom or lab.

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