Credit for Previous Training and/or Experience

A student requesting recognition or credit for life experience or knowledge acquired at another institution must make such request in writing to the School Director. A proficiency test related to the course(s) that credit is requested will be supplied to the student. If the student achieves the appropriate passing score as required by the institution (please see "Grading System" on page 19 of this catalog), an appropriate credit will be granted. Such granting of credit may still require for the student to attend classes on the specific course that is granted if he/she does not meet the minimum overall GPA required for graduation. If the student is not required to attend classes for the credit granted, student must be notified that according to the mandates of the regulating educational bodies, he/she will have to receive a “drop” status and in order to be reincorporated to the program of study, he/she will have to complete a new re-enrollment process. A refund or tuition credit will be given to the student in accordance to the Refund Policy of the school and the time that the student will be absent from class.

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